When I let go of what I think I am, I become what I might truly be.

– Lao Tzu

Chakras – What are they?

CHAKRAS The internal pathway to Self-Healing and Self-Realization In yoga, chakras are understood to be the internal energy centers; our internal compasses, our internal radar on which we gauge our spiritual health. Yet, what are they? Is there a science behind them?...

Thoughts on Positive Thinking


Yoga and Hiking in the Italian Alps

THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE - A Unique Yoga/Meditation and Hiking Retreat in spectacular Nature 19-23 September 2018 This tailor made 5 day retreat and adventure combines body, mind and spirit. A unique concept of the highest quality. I am so honored, happy and exited...

ASIA SPA Deepening Yoga lärar Retreat

YOGA FOR LIFE – YOGA LÄRAR LÄGER på ASIA SPA       ___________ 26-29 juni 2018 Med lärarna Ulrica Norberg, Hillevi Borga och Lotta Norberg TEMA: DEEPER TEACHING Detta 4 dagar långa retreat är ett yogaläger för yogalärare som vill gå vidare i sin...


!BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! I often get asked by students/studio owners/teacher trainers about what books to read or not to read, in various subjects. I guess it is the fact that I often quote books, philosophy and also my own findings from making research for my own writing....


My latest book on Restorative Yoga

Reviews from Amazon.com

“This is a lovely book about yoga and how it moves you into more positive directions. The restorative poses are short, but well described. I consider it a great companion book to the Judith Hanson Laster’s Relax and Renew.”


“Congratulations! Nice work. Lovely book, full of good deep content. Describing the importance and the power of restorative yoga.”


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I work as a writer, speaker, creative coach, educator and editor as well as teaching yoga and meditation. On a yearly basis, I offer retreats and workshops at different locations in the world.

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