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When I let go of what I think I am, I become what I might truly be.

– Lao Tzu

Health and Breath

Health and Breath -is mindful breathing healing?   Although yoga is overall balancing, we carry our patterns into our yoga. Therefore form and content needs to balance in order to increase the overall health in a person. A yogi would call the form Praktiti (matter)...

Female Expression

FEMALE EXPRESSION If you have never read Virginia Woolf I highly recommend her writings. I am currently reading this one. “Liberty” is a literal transformative journey through the liberating powers of the mind. From an exploration of why women were barred from writing...


AIR BORN How you are touched physically by someone makes a world of difference in the frequency of your inner self. Right? Can you remember a hug, a stroke, a look and a kiss from a lover, parent, loving elderly och friend that made you feel safe enough to expand to...

When Universe Speaks – you listen

WHEN UNIVERSE SPEAKS - you can listen and go with the flow My experience says that when you do your best and rid the results the best outcome arrives in front of you. One can have the best of intentions, people to collaborate with, the greatest ideas and perfect set...

Chakras – What are they?

CHAKRAS The internal pathway to Self-Healing and Self-Realization In yoga, chakras are understood to be the internal energy centers; our internal compasses, our internal radar on which we gauge our spiritual health. Yet, what are they? Is there a science behind them?...

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Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Yoga – reflektion, andning och övningar för alla som vill sakta ner


I work as a writer, speaker, creative coach, educator and editor as well as teaching yoga and meditation. On a yearly basis, I offer retreats and workshops at different locations in the world.

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