YIN Yoga

Training (25-85 hrs)

Ulrica Norberg Yogamaster E-RYT 500

Yogic philosophy as well as modern psychology sum up three basic types of tension that are responsible for all the agonies in modern life. These are Muscular tension, Emotional tension, and Mental tension. Through the art and practice of YinYoga, these tensions can be progressively reduced. YinYoga focuses on the fascia, the type of tissue that keeps us together.

Hatha, an integral portion of the yoga system, involves contrasting aspects: “Ha” refers to the active energy of the sun, and “Tha” is the energy of the moon. In this training, we will explore the lunar quality of Hatha through the practice of Yin Yoga.

As opposed to Yang Yoga, which focuses on activity and muscular strength, Yin Yoga is a mindful yoga practice for the fascia, targeting the connective tissue of the body through prolonged seated and reclining poses. Proven to strongly enhance the body’s circulation, Yin Yoga is a vital tool for stress reduction and energy balancing. Additional benefits include: improved respiration, clear mental focus, tension release, stress relief, and cleansing of both body and mind.


This training is founded and created by ISHTA senior teacher and Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg and this training explore asana from the yinside, by way of the subtle connection between body and mind from a more individualized perspective.

Ulrica is an academic with a masters degree in Film and Journalism and also studies in Indiology, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Literature, Rhetorics and Psychology. Due to her passionated interest of the human psychology and anatomy, she is trained in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and has studied Eastern philosophical theories and therapies like Tao, Zen, Tantra and TM. Ulrica is schooled in many yoga styles and lineages and she deeply honor her studies with modern yin yoga forefathers and mothers like Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Paulie Zink. Using an approach rooted in Ayurveda, Tantra, and ISHTA kriya techniques, this training will give you the tools to integrate the lunar quality of Hatha Yoga into your practice and your teaching. In additional to leaving you refreshed and relaxed, this program will give you the tools to find the yinside on your own and to share it with others.

A more individual approach to yin yoga
Practicing Yin yoga with a more individual approach on yin yoga, means we search for tension and when found, we apply the appropriate tools for that individual to release the tension in the fascia, so mobility, circulation and muscular connection activates again. Yin yoga stems back more to its authentic roots from “Raj asanas” /meditative asana explored in the Hathayoga Pradipika and also merging back from the initial science from yoga on how to target tension via working from the fascia to the muscle, from the subtle to the physical. This way, it is yin working towards yang.

In this approach to yin yoga the yin practice is led to be a great complementary practice to any “yang” oriented practice, as preparation for meditation, tension reducing, mind strengthening, relaxation, preparation for pranayama and more vigorous practices and as a great way of balancing the inner and outer aspects of living. In the first module we explore yin from a more ground level, and look at how to begin a home practice. In module two, we set sails towards how energy is being transmitted, altered and balanced through the Yin in corporation with the Chakra theory, Ayurveda and the TCM /meridian system. In module 3, we delve deeper into the more individual therapeutic approaches, techniques and appliance models.
This approach is founded by Ulrica, after many years of research, practicing various other approaches in yin yoga as well as deepening her understanding of anatomy, meditation, physiology, psychology, indian philosophy and more.

You will also meet Hillevi Borga (E-RYT 500 and Physiotherapist) and Malin Svanholm (RYT 500 teacher).


Ulrica Norberg is YACEP; a qualified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, so this training will grant you the hours towards your continuing education. Certificate of completion for this program will be issued to those who have successfully completed the written assignment and attended all hours of the course, as applicable.

Content of the training

View Yin Yoga through the lens of ISHTA, and give great clarity to this already beautiful practice. From 2017, this training is made up of a total of 85 hours, divided into three modules. Sometimes this training is taught as an intensive of 6 days.

A typical day on this training
9-11 Practice
11-12.30 Philosophy/Theory,
13.30-15 Theory
15-16.30 Practice

Module 1 – 25 hrs
Learn the foundations of ISHTA Yin Yoga, including: The Art of the Yin practice, Energetic Alignment, Individuality, Subtle and Physical Anatomy, Pranayama and Kriyas. Focus is on how to start a personal Yinyoga practice. And more.

Module 2- 25 hrs
Deepen your knowledge of ISHTA Yin Yoga in theses ares: Teaching skills, Adaptations, ISHTA Yin meditation, Nadis/Meridian theory, Ayurveda and Yin, Neurophysiology, ISHTA Yin Yoga philosophy, Tantra, chakra philosophy and anatomy, hands-on assisting, sequencing. And more.

Module 3 – 35 hrs
This is a training where we dwell deeper into the layers of our bodies, understanding more about Tensegrity; the integration of tension in our tissues, and on how we create a yoga practice that targets tension. This through more skillful sequencing for different needs (individual and groups), how to combine yin yoga with Pranayama, Flow based yoga, Sports, Restorative yoga and Meditation. We will look at the postures in greater depth, analyzing them in greater detail. This module involves deeper studies, assisting and more therapeutic assessments.

Upcoming dates

Module 1
7-9 October 2017
@ Evolve Yoga studio

Module 2
5-7 January, 2018
@ Evolve Yoga Studio
For more information and registration e-mail: Jessica Horn, jessielapin@hotmail.com

LUND, Sweden
Module 2
8-10 December
at Rajayoga Lund
For registration and more information and registration e-mail info@rajayogalund.se

Module 3
16-19 November 2017
@ Yogashakti Stockholm

Module 1 and 2 (50 hrs)
16-21 January, 2018
Module1: January 16-18
Module 2: January 19-21
@ Yogashakti studio

Stockholm – Registration & information

MODULE 1 & 2 – January 16-21, 2018
Yogashakti, Södermalm, Stockholm
Time: Tuesday-Thursday 8.00-17.00, Friday 8.00-17.00, Saturday 8.00-17.30, Sunday 8.00-15.30. Lunch break at about 12.00-13.00
– Per module: 5500 SEK (incl. VAT)
– Per module, early bird before October 16, 2017: 5200 SEK (incl. VAT)
– Package module 1 & 2: 10.000 SEK (incl. VAT)
– Package module 1 & 2, early bird before October 16, 2017: 9000 SEK (incl. VAT)

MODULE 3 – November 16-19, 2017
Yogashakti, Södermalm, Stockholm
Time: Thursday 9.00-17.00, Friday-Saturday 8.00-17.00, Sunday 8.00-16.00. Lunch break at about 12.00-13.00
5700 SEK (incl. VAT)

Registration: info@yogaforlife.nu
Terms & conditions: For terms and conditions click here.

Cost of training

The price may differ from country to country. For prices and registration in the different countries, please send an e-mail to the registration for more information. But the prices are around the Sweden prices.

Further information

Please contact: info@yogaforlife.nu


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Kommande evenemang

Wed 18

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18 October @ 09:00 - 21 October @ 17:00
Wed 18

Yoga Anatomi Modul 1, 2 & 3 – STOCKHOLM

18 October @ 09:00 - 24 October @ 16:30
Thu 19

Yoga Class -ELEVATE

19 October @ 15:00 - 16:30
Yoga Shakti
Timmermansgatan 10
Organizer: yoga shakti
Thu 19

Yogaklass – Yinyasa

19 October @ 18:30 - 19:40
Grev Turegatan 18
Organizer: Altromondo yoga
Tue 24

Yoga Klass -Hatha Flow

24 October @ 12:00 - 13:00
Grev Turegatan 18
Organizer: Altromondo yoga
Wed 25

Yoga Klass – Flow and Restore

25 October @ 10:00 - 11:30
Grev Turegatan 18
Organizer: Altromondo yoga
Nov 22

Chakra Training – STOCKHOLM

22 November @ 08:00 - 26 November @ 17:00