Foto: Sebastian Forsman


by Ulrica Norberg

How you are touched physically by someone makes a world of difference in the frequency of your inner self. Right?

Can you remember a hug, a stroke, a look and a kiss from a lover, parent, loving elderly and friend that made you feel safe enough to expand to your fullest? Daring to be your truest you. Or have you held your child and kissed and hugged it until you felt the little one relaxed at peace in your arms? Sighing of ease, expansion, trust and hope.

So if you were your body, how would you like to be touched by the one who is in charge of your existence; your breath? . I guess the same way right?

Pause. Take three minutes. close your eyes. 

Breathe as deeply as you can until something inside begins to soften, fall into ease and calm.

Keep listening to the sound of the breaths until you hear them. 


What you hear is your life. What you touch with your breath is YOU.

Memorize. Repeat. daily.