– A Unique Yoga/Meditation and Hiking Retreat in spectacular Nature
19-23 September 2018

This tailor made 5 day retreat and adventure combines body, mind and spirit. A unique concept of the highest quality.

I am so honored, happy and exited about this adventure.
Three years ago, my friend Maria and I begun visualizing what would be the manifested concept THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE. Where we allow all of our experiences around tailor-making unique retreats in extraordinary environments. We share a strong love for nature and passion for the outdoors. We feel the nature is where we can connect to being human. Re-balance our systems. On all levels. Thats why I feel yoga and meditation in combination with hiking in nature together with others, makes you grow stronger at your core.
Last year we launched our first retreat after two years of planning it to be thoughtful to every detail. It was what we feel a great success. And now we will have one retreat a year.

Our first Ultimate yoga and hiking Adventure in Grand Canyon took place during 10 fantastic days in September of 2017, we now set sail to the magnificent Dolomites mountains in ITALY.
This year we make it 5 days and in Europe, where we unite hiking, nature, culture and yoga in some of the worlds most fascinating places – a serene and beautiful union between human nature and earth nature.

The Dolomites in the Northern Italian Alps, close to Venice, is arguably the most beautiful mountain range in the world.  We always work with the best to find adventure producers, and this time we collaborate with the American based adventure company, Epic One Adventures, to provide a spectacular trail hiking and outdoor yoga experience.

IMMERSED in life and nature.
Imagine yoga and meditation in these picture perfect settings, hiking through spectacular landscapes, meeting the locals and learning the history of their mountain villages.
Enjoying delicious Italian food and wines and then sipping an espresso, while taking in the stunning views all around you.

Great accommodation and high quality foods, as organic and mindful as possible, is always prioritized in our retreats.

You will stay at the incredible Wellness & Spa Hotel Fanes, in San Cassiano where you will have access to their beautiful SPA and with the dinners, the guests are given the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary wines .

You will be offered two yoga classes a day, several different hikes around the area during which there will be an occasional pause for a meditation session, lunch in the sun, dip in the pool, enjoying the sun, a restorative moment on the grass, bringing your bodies, minds and spirits to a greater balance.

This time we will focus on how we can circulate life on all levels. From a yogic standpoint, we will explore the so called Vayus, how Prana (lifeforce) is manifested in us and through this focus we can explore ways in how we can live more inspired on all levels.

You can also combine this trip with a few days in Venice (you will fly in to Venice most convenient). Let us know when you register if you would like tips on that combination.

This is the Ultimate Retreat. Bringing all aspects of life together. Let´s salute Life. In Splendour. 

To register and for more information, please contact Maria. You will be greatly taken cared for by Maria and our dear friend and admin help, Lotta Dahl. We gladly answer all of your questions and inquiries. 

Welcome and lots of love to you, 

Ulrica and Maria