– you can listen and go with the flow
My experience says that when you do your best and rid the results the best outcome arrives in front of you. One can have the best of intentions, people to collaborate with, the greatest ideas and perfect set up. But then there is timing and also universal alignment.

A month ago, me and Maria my partner on the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE/Hikefulness retreats launched our Hawaii retreat. We worked so hard on making a wholesome package. Yet it was hard to make it valuable on all ends. Then a few days after we went public with our retreat, the hotel we had chosen, upgraded their costs to an extent where it became ridicule. So we talked and decided to listen to universe and postpone the Hawaii retreat to 2020. Then the next day the Universe affirmed by us getting a much better option for housing in 2020. Universe also gave us another hand of cards to play with when our friend Anders, who own Inshape Travels, offered us to take our concept to Andausia, Spain instead. The same dates in April.
Two weeks of arrangements made has passed and now this Retreat is set and ready.  And meant to be. So exiting.

ANDALUSIA has always intrigued me. A dream. And when doing research on this place where we are going, The Zahara the la Sierra in the Sierra Nevada, there is a rainforest. The only rainforest in Europe and also one of a kind.

The hiking in the region is said to be mindblowing with its diverse cultural expression, wildlife, climate and mountains that has more shades of green than anywhere. The reatreat center is nestled in Andalucia’s spectacular national park, Sierra de Grazalema, surrounded by lush mountains and whitewashed villages, accommodations are complete with a beautiful yoga studio, private tennis court, and massage therapists.

My intention with the mindfulness/yoga part of the retreat deals with C L A R I T Y. The practices are focused on how to build and reach clarity and ease in mind, body and soul. I will teach more flowing vinyasa in the morning followed by pranayama, breathing techniques and in the afternoon more restorative/yinyoga and meditation. In between sessions we will hike, hang, rest our senses, socialize for those who wish to participate in conversations about life and beyond, swim in the many pools on the premises, read, eat organic foods, have a glass of wine, just be and sleep. Maria has done a marvelous job as usual in scouting the best ever locations for the walks, hikes and excursions. She is one true wizard that one. And with a heart of gold.

So sometimes things has to change in order to get better. When there is ease there is power. I truly believe in that.

You can read more about our ANDALUCIA Hikefulness Adventure and register with Inshape travels.

Maybe I will see you there?