Today, January 28 th, the year of the Rooster begins. 

Many people are thankful that the Year of the Monkey, that was quite dramatic, has passed. Now we are stepping onto a new  beginning.

The Rooster, the tenth Chinese zodiac sign, gives the year that just begins some of the characteristics of the bird it has as a symbol: ambition, pride, the desire to be admired, punctuality, courage and passion.

At the same time, during the year that has just started, an increase in enthusiasm, perseverance and auto-control will be felt.  We will all prove to have more passion in life, especially regarding work, where we will not hesitate to roll up our sleeves in order to reach our objectives. “Always higher, always going on” is the motto of the Rooster and it will inspire all of us.

According to the Chinese horoscope, this year, that will end on January 15 2018, will be characterized by both success and higher forms of creativity as well as friction in the world.

The Rooster year helps us to be braver than usually, we will not be defeated by difficulties and adversities as easily asin the year of the monkey. However, we will have to maintain our spirit’s flexibility, because under the influence of this king of the yard, which, according to Chinese people, is very conservative, we risk being inflexible and refuse changing ideas or life strategies, even though they might be inadequate for the future.

This is your year to shine, to work persistently and joyfully towards your Highest Potential with passion, commitment, precision and skill.

In 2017, Rooster calls us to confidence in our own abilities, power in our lives, and success in our chosen work. Under the influence of the Fire Element, Rooster invites us to be a Shooting Star, an inspiration to those around us, and a leader in our field. Even if we have gone through challenging times, we can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to burn and shine more brightly than ever before.

I think things happens for a reason and in line with what is meant to be happening. The year of the monkey brought more aspects of reality to the surface, unveiling the differences within ourselves as well as in the world.

This year will most probably involve more revelry, demonstrations, polarization and also social development and more people engaging in civil rights issues as well as efforts to try to improve life quality for more.

In our yoga practice, we should focus on sustainability, clarity and stability. Re-winding, Re-wiring and Re-booting and nurturing.

I will.