Breath is connected to the force of life; we begin our life with a breath and we end it with a breath. The breath, body, and mind all work together. If one of these is agitated, the others will follow. If one is calmed, the others will follow.

From the breath we receive oxygen, which nourishes the blood, organs, and cells, and Prana—life force—travels on oxygen. Through breath our physical body is linked to the mind, and the mind to the life force, Prana. The breath enhances the mind-body connection, so when we start to cultivate the breath, we connect to our higher self.

The yogic texts and masters state very clearly that in order to balance the mind, one needs to control the prana inside. If prana is restless, our mind becomes restless and vice versa. The mind is very difficult to control by the mind and the more ones triesm the more the split grows. By practicing pranayama correctly, the mind is automatically stilled.

Since our breath is governed by our autonomic nervous system, many take their breath for granted and they do not know that they are walking around with a superpower inside or them. If we learn how to breath properly and how to manoever this superpower; we can affect the quality of our mind, emotions, metabolism, sleep, inspiration, motivation, circulation- well everything really.

When I started yoga and meditation in the early 90s, what really changed my life, my health and my everything, was that I understood the breath and its powers.
I start everyday with yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. With my practice I am here, without it I am elsewhere.
And I rather be here; present. 💛