To be able to meditate outside on a dock, just next to the ocean on an early morning when everything is quiet and tranquil is like stepping into a VIP bliss lane. Nature, wildlife, morning rays, breath, body, life and all in between.
To me this is it. It cant get any better. To start the day with a pause. A pause where everything that is gets magnified and honored inside of myself. 

My daily meditation is that. To plug in. To life, my consciousness, to my abilities, to yoke any polarity inside. 

HERE and NOW. 

I shot this little film after I was done with my practice. I never film my actual practice. That doesn’t resonate with me at all. It would wreck my sacred moment. 

Yet an identical, statued example is my way to share a moment with anyone interested. With an aim to perhaps inspire some of you out there to bring in more pausing into your life. And maybe even begin to try the practice of meditation. With meditation you will elevate to heights you never thought was possible. 

Start by taking 10 min everyday to “do” nothing. Pause, breathe and be with what is. Begin to slowly empty the hard drive from things that block the currents from flowing freely.