Maria and I with our beautiful Mala Necklaces on Venice Beach, CA. In september 2017


This september I had the privilege of meeting Lotta Dahl, an Los Angeles based fellow Swede who lives there with her family. I met her through my dear friend Maria who always raved about Lotta. She and her husband opened up their beautiful home to me for a couple of days and we shared such beautiful days together. I am so utterly grateful to now call Lotta and her family my friends.

To the story goes that Lotta is a fantastic Mala designer and her creations poors love, passion, dedication, spirituality and when she gave me the necklace she had made for me, I felt something. A lot actually. It belonged to me. I love it. So much.

I am a very picky when it comes to my Malas. I need buy them in department stores. I buy them from the designer themselves since then you can make one you want or a certain Mala given to you through a Puja, spiritual ceremony.

For Maria and My The Ultimate Retreat in the Grand Canyon in september, fueling hiking/yoga/mediation/personal growth/Nature/Culture in to one experience, Lotta made beautiful Bracelets to all the participants. They wore them throughout the 10 day journey, giving them strength and inspiration.

So it is with such honor and gratitude I get to endorse Lottas ForUJewlery.
You will NOT get Disappointed. You are in the best of hands.

Much love,

With the code ULRICANOR15, you will get 15% discount on your purchase with Lotta before christmas.
Maybe a gift for yourself? Or to your mother, sister or friend?

Lotta can tailor your necklace too to fit YOU.