One Year or Year One?

A YEAR. by Ulrica Norberg This past year has been, yeah what is the right epithet? I don´t really know how to summarize it. Interesting? Well, yes, depending of the focus. Challenging? Yes that too. Clarifying? Yes. Filled with growth? Yes. Insightful? Yep. Loving?...
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MEDITATION To be able to meditate outside on a dock, just next to the ocean on an early morning when everything is quiet and tranquil is like stepping into a VIP bliss lane. Nature, wildlife, morning rays, breath, body, life and all in between. To me this is it. It...
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Breath is connected to the force of life; we begin our life with a breath and we end it with a breath. The breath, body, and mind all work together. If one of these is agitated, the others will follow. If one is calmed, the others will follow. From the breath we...
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Humanity is under massive change and we are challenged on all levels. Crisis. Destruction. Hindrance of flow. Unhealth. Big egos. Narcissists ruling companies and governments. Terror trying to fear us out of our hearts. I am as well as many of you, tired of the whole...
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The year of the Rooster

Today, January 28 th, the year of the Rooster begins.  Many people are thankful that the Year of the Monkey, that was quite dramatic, has passed. Now we are stepping onto a new  beginning. The Rooster, the tenth Chinese zodiac sign, gives the year that just begins...
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Dark matter

How does one learn to relate to ones inner darkness? When I was about 13 years old, I thought of ending my life since I had lost all hope of an existence where happiness and love was the major ingredient. I was being bullied for being different due to me questioning...

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Form och formlöshet i yoga

Tankar om Yoga av Ulrica Norberg I yoga fokuserar vi oss både på form (vår kropp och dess vävnader) och formlöshet (vår andning, energikanaler och sinnesstämningar). Båda aspekter skapar vår verklighet så som vi uppfattar den och dessa två sidor är vår yang och yin i...

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Why go on a Yoga retreat?

THE ALCHEMY OF YOGA Maybe you just discovered Yoga or you have been taking classes for a while now and have a desire to take your yoga to a deeper level? I can only speak for myself, but when I have attended yogaretreats for teachers that I am inspired by I have taken...

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Autumn Retreat coming up!

Retreat in Thailand 25- 31 october 2015 Join me for a magical week of yoga, sun, swimming and chilling at the beautiful island of Koh Yao in Thailand. 30 hours of yoga and meditation, great food and a surrounding embedded in serene nature lays ahead. I have the honor...

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How to elevate your energy

SPRING, The undeniably most popular season of the year is here and everything is sprouting, opening up, starting to shine trough and the birds, bees, flowers, trees and human hearts are all nourished by more and more sunlight. We may dive into that sunlight, but often...

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Tension – The major reason behind imbalances

TENSION by Ulrica Norberg In yoga, we deal with aspects of tension through a wide-lens objective. We understand that if one part of a person is tense, other parts are too. If the mind is tense, so is the stomach, and if the stomach is tense, then the whole circulatory...

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The year of the Goat

On going processing Life. As this year progress I find it interesting to look around me at how ancient wisdom and knowledge can fuel forward the intelligence of energy through space and time. It is only in our limited minds that we think life is random. Its quite the...

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How to create a Sankapla – Set the intention for 2015

The yoga tradition offers a profound formula for realizing your heartfelt desires—without asking you to change who you are. It’s the practice of sankalpa (resolve). _________________________________________________________________ Join me this Monday; February 2 to...

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December – min månad

Idag är det den 2 december och jag sitter på ett flyg från New York till Stockholm. Jag är på väg hem till Sverige efter jobb i min andra hemstad; New York. Ja, min andra hemstad. Så känns det för mig då jag bott där samt varit där så många gånger att jag tappat...

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