“I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.”
– Simone de Beauvoir

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a passionated learner, observer and inquirer. I listened when books were read to me, when things were explained how they worked, I watched how people around me maneuvered through their everyday. I asked many questions, stubbornly tried techniques and methods on myself and on patient friends and family.

I am a freedom seeker. In all that I do. In mind, body and spirit which probably explains why I resonate with spiritual practices like yoga, ayurveda and meditation.  I am also an academic and have through sincere studies,  focused on more human oriented sciences, arts and communications. That sparked a light in me to immerse myself more in art and creative studies in order to help me cultivate a voice of my own as well as trying to better understand the world around me as well as inside myself.
Thanks to the inspiration and support from my grandmothers I learned to dare to try things and thanks to wise mentors I was guided to always start with myself. And through them encouraged to reflect, inquire and investigate my inner and outer worlds in order to gain clarity, insight and direction.

Photo: Louise StapelMy life has taken many turns. Up and down, side to side, in and out.
I have been fortunate enough to travel the world extensively and I have lived abroad. I was compelled to higher studies and I spent almost a decade in the academic world, landing in a bachelors degree in human sciences and communication and a masters degree in film. A great interest in health, wellbeing, spirituality and medicine came early in my life since members in my family had professions and passion in those fields. This lead me to study human anatomy, health, fitness, spirituality, inner inquiry, yoga and more on my own.

I moved to the United States as a teenager where I got more and more interested in the Mind and when I came to NYC I started to practice meditation. Through the community I was introduced to yoga. This lead to studies of Eastern philosophies and its wide range of different styles, systems and paths.

As a teenager I wasn’t too fond of the side of me being an inquirer and thinker but today I see that is has given me a richer life. Thanks too my creative and contemplative soul it has lead me to always move forward in life with the intention of “how can you express an opinion if you don’t try, dvelve into it or explore it” – in mind and spirit. As often as I have gotten a chance to, I have immersed myself in creative studies. Reading the classics, writing, watching movies, photography, poetry and creative writing. I am a slow creator I think. I need to contemplate my findings over time. Yet I am always inspired and have a notebook ready to scrape down ideas in.
In the midst of growing creatively in my work and as an individual, I coach others to connect to their stream of creativity and open up their innovative brain.

I think that if and when we take ourselves too seriously, life often gets messy since you then often become too rigid in practice, belief and approach towards others, yourself and life in general. Because we then don´t see the spaces in between. As humans, we are often too afraid to make mistakes, to not get gratification, to fail or loose face. It is like we strive for picture perfect in a world that spins faster and faster and the mental climate thickens here and there. Actually, we are beautiful and we just need to see that. To see ourselves, get in touch with our inner self. Then we can see others splendor as well.

One thing I have learned in life is when one increases transparency others can relate to you and you become real in your own eyes as well as others.

I found meditation and yoga in my early teens when Iwas studying in the US. I started with Zenbuddist studies, followed by two decades of exploring and deeply studying various styles of classical and modern aspects on yoga and meditation in Asia, India and the US. I spent many years studying physiology, anatomy, philosophy and spirituality. Today I function as a guqestteacher in several trainings and settings as well as I am a senior teacher in the ISHTA yoga lineage as one of their initiated yogamasters and lead trainers in the 500 hr teacher training program as well as a master teacher in certain specialty trainings, such as ISHTA Yinyoga, an approach on yin yoga that I have developed.

On a regular basis, I help writers with their texts, to think broad and wide, to package a book or article idea as well as just start writing. As a mentor I aid my students in whatever they need. If is is a yoga teacher, maybe adding an outside eye on their teaching style or sequencing, together finding a more individual line with intention forward for them.

Since much of my approach is to help my students finding their own voice and ownership, I bring in aspects from Ayurveda, personal inquiry, meditation or movement. It can be all or just one of the aspects. It depends who I have in front of me.

Right now I am only working om my own film projects. Currently a documentary. I don´t know when it will be ready to show the outside world. Maybe never. Maybe someday.

Is my channel. My breath as a human being. I read and write therefore I am. I am never satisfied with anything I write, yet I am in a way. To me writing is about exploring what is and what is not.