Our western culture is changing rapidly. I think all of us feel it. And it is difficult to get a grip of all the changes and shifts.

The differences between societies, norms and values is in rocking mode. Greater gaps. Populism on high rise.
Mindless consumerism is a one of our modern plagues I would say. I spoke to one of my old sociology professors a couple of months back and he told me that in the history of man; we have never consumed this fast and as much.

I wonder if we really need all this stuff? I am not against shopping, I just think we need to pause ourselves in this frenzy. Be a lot more selective.
We also consume identities, ideas and values and we change our opinions and choices more rapidly thanbefore. And more than ever our choices stem from marketing and brand building. And never before have we been so reluctant to blame and shame and perfectionism is the new blood pumping in our arteries and veins. .
Many people come to me with the feeling of being overwhelmed and lonely. And I relate to that since I sometimes feel that too, despite that I downsized a lot ten years ago and keep my sight on tendencies towards those sensations coming in with the tides.

Nah, nobody is perfect. I say we lower that dosage of perfectionism and rather focus on living with less agendas, shame, blame and wants.

That will be a huge ingredient in saving this planet and ease our raging minds.