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POSITIVE Thinking. is one thing you develop through a balanced yoga and meditation practice. The ability to elevate your thinking. Acknowledge more in the picture than the reaction. Yoga set sail for the ability to know yourself better. The self reflection, going through challenges on the mat prepares and boost you for the worldly situations you embark on. The active rest in the yogic arts is important in order for the used and old to melt and leave space for the now, the new, circulation and insight. ⭐️ If you know yourself thoroughly, then where is the space for negative thoughts? There was a time when people used to leave the physical aspects of life behind and find peace with meditation. Sages used meditation as a powerful technique to create self-awareness. You too can make use of this powerful yoga doctrine to introduce your brain to positive thinking. This progression starts with the breath. In inspiration. Inspire your thinking by breathing. Close your eyes and breathe right. Take 10 of the longest and deepest breaths of this day. Just focus on how you breathe, the sound of the breath. Try to leave everything behind part from your breath. Repeat everyday. In a few days you will understand more about who you are and how to move towards that center. ⭐️🙏🏻😘 More on this topic in my upcoming book about the breath. Out this fall on @bokforlagetforum. 🤗 Photo: @sebastian.forsman for my Restorative book #positivethinking#thistooshallpass#meditation#yoga#physics#innerbeing#move#still#breathe#yogini#yogi#neutral#balance#sattva

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